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Be the Woman You were Born to BE is more than the 42 day online course.  Our Inner Circle, the private members' area, overflows with discussions, wisdom, experience, tears, laughter, ideas, guidance, and much more.  In the last month alone topics discussed have included:

Where we're at:

  • Nutrition for People with Cancer
  • Home rearranged
  • Say Cheese
  • Time to recharge
  • 7 little ducklings...
  • The Value of Simple Joy

Relating to Men and Bullying in particular:

  • First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
  • Verbal Infection
  • Fear of Men

Summer Time:

  • Ice Cream and Ice Lollies
  • Full Moon Meditation and Celebration June 2014


  • Wonderbag
  • 15 of my Favourite Things - Shopping Meditation
  • Ten Gardening Tips from my Grandpa
  • What we are surrounded by:
  • Vintage Advertisements
  • Always #LikeAGirl
  • The Pornification of Women
  • Loss of Innocence

Things to know:

  • Babies don't ruin bodies
  • The New Way to Eat Well - French Style
  • Books at Club 15CC: Buried Treasures by Guru Singh
  • The Red Spot on the Forehead
  • The Unexpected Effects of Knitting
  • Washing Tips :)


If you are feeling in a creative spirit, then visit Renaissance Dyeing's cornucopia of wonderful plant dyed yarns, which are a delight to knit or crochet with. Last year, I enjoyed making their Roman de la Rose socks and entered their 18 colour competition by knitting a cowl and am soon going to embark on knitting a large meditation shawl using a 1.3kg cone of their Organic Poll Dorset yarn in a beautiful creamy colour which is currently on sale at 25%, meaning I can make it much bigger than otherwise. Are you going to join me and meditate during the creation of the fruit of your wearable handiwork? 

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