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This week marks the fifth birthday of Be the Woman You were Born to Be as an Online Course and Community.  When the idea was first conceived we envisaged that the main part would be the 42 day course delivered in such a way that there was simply no excuse for a woman not to take part: no matter what she did, it could fit around her life and lifestyle, no matter what, she could learn step by step HOW to become a woman .  That remains the case today.   

It's the community part which has evolved beyond even my wildest dreams, with 1,500 blog posts notched up, all on issues which we as women face in how we live our lives. 

We've shared stories, recipes and patterns.  We've grown through challenges.  We've celebrated births, worked through marriages, and honoured deaths.  We've laughed.  We've cried.  We've smiled.  We've learned to face the truth and tell it honestly how it is.  We've felt love from women we've never met who live the other side of this planet from us.  We've dug deep into ourselves to see how we can best move forward.  We've learned to cook, knit, sew, dress, meditate and what men want and need.  We've learnt what we need to teach our children.  We've taught each other from our own experience and expertise. 

We've discovered solutions we never thought about before - did you ever before consider making your own bra in order to get one which fits you like a glove?   We've watched movies with a new perspective, and that's not just the ones on the box but in our own lives.  We've stood up for each other.  We've applauded each other's courage in the face of seemingly overwhelming adversity and nudged each other to excel and enjoy life without feeling alone. 

And most of all, we've connected as women together around the globe, virtually. 

On Saturday I had a stand at a yoga event for Be the Woman, the first time we've done that.  One comment from the whole day stands out: "Everything I need to know is in front of me: from the tablecloth with little pink roses on it held with the big ribbon bow, to the slender bottle used as a vase containing two pink roses, the pink laptop in a handmade quilted cover, the little homemade puffed up Angel Honey Cakes and the hand knitted shawl Guru Kaur is wearing.  I don't need a flyer nor the information on the web site.  I totally get what Be the Woman is all about: the whole package." 

This week on the Inner Circle, Be the Woman's private online community, there are some potent discussions happening including what makes a good friend, how honest is our marriage if we are simply reproducing behaviour patterns from our parents' past, does the colour of your food processor matter in the grand scheme of things, how to grow old gracefully, and what's the value of a trade secret. 

During these five years the most recurring theme from the women who have taken the step to join Be the Woman You were Born to Be has been if only I'd known all this when I was younger.  And that's from those who woke up to this when they were in their 20s right through to their 70s.   So in the spirit of celebrating our fifth birthday with us this week, please find just five minutes in your busy life, sit down with a cup of tea and ask yourself this: "what's in it for me continuing to lead the life I lead now without knowing what could make it better?  what's holding me back from exploring being the woman I was born to be?"  If you're satisfied with your answer then great.  If not, then take a step to move on and come and join us on Be the Woman

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