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Guiding You to Success and Fulfillment Because You are a Woman...

Being a Woman is the greatest giftBe the Woman Online Course & Community is a 42 day online personal development course and private online community for women who wish to create and enjoy a successful, fulfilling and wonderful life. It is based on ancient wisdom, tried and tested by women of all ages and backgrounds.  Students, business owners, housewives, corporate executives, authors, artists, first time mothers and grandmothers have all created happier, more fulfilling lives through Be the Woman...

Be the Woman uses online audio and video and other easy-to-use technologies to give you an intimate, life changing experience without burdening your schedule. It requires no travelling to classes or sacrificing entire days for distant workshops. 

The course is structured in such a way that it won't really feel like learning, more like being inspired and absorbing knowledge. You'll be connected to a network of other women who face similar issues that you do, and by receiving daily encouragement from the course material you'll learn how to put it all into practice - all from the privacy and comfort of your own home or anywhere else you choose to participate from.

“I can honestly say that I am the best I have EVER been!”

Becky Booker, Finance ExecutiveThank God I came across the Be the Woman course. It was one of those times in a woman's life when it all starts to go wrong at the same time... (click here to read more)

I was in the process of changing jobs and stepping up the career ladder, happily married and thinking that my life was all on track. Then my husband left me for another woman, I lost my home and I'm very sorry to say some of my friends too - it all fell apart. I didn't know what to do and then I was recommended the Regally Graceful women's course.

The course really helped me through this time, there was no judgement, only kindness and support and a chance to be really honest, with myself and others. I learnt so much about myself and it really got me back on track and feeling empowered again.

It made me realise how important it is for us women to support each other and it was really helpful to do this in a well structured, facilitated group. I met a great bunch of women, of different ages and backgrounds and have made some good friends. I can honestly say that I am the best I have EVER been.

Thank you Be the Woman and Guru Kaur, you changed my life!!

Becky Booker, Finance Executive

How Do You Feel About Your Life Right Now as a Woman?

We, as women, experience many common feelings when our lives are not fulfilling.  Which of the following questions strikes a chord with you?

  • Do you yearn to feel more valued by those you come across everyday?
  • Do you feel that no one really understands you, listens to you, is able to guide you?
  • Do you feel that we as women don’t have any decent role models to look up to?
  • Do you feel held back in your career because you are a woman?
  • Do you find that you never have time for yourself, that you are at everyone else’s beck and call?
  • Do you long to find a way which works for you to be happier and healthier than you are now?

“Why does no one ever listen to me?”

Have you heard this Aesop's fable?  The wind and the sun have a competition to see which of them can get a young boy to remove his coat on his way to school... (continue reading)

It’s that inspiration through silent communication. When a woman becomes silent and drops the need to fill the space with idle words, the true inspiration comes through.The wind blows and blows but all the boy does is pull his coat tighter and tighter around him. The wind gives up in disgust. Now it's the sun's turn. She shines down on the little boy, bringing warmth to his cold body. The young boy stops and sits on the grass, takes off his coat and relaxes with a big smile on his face.

Some women, when they feel unheard resort to nagging, begging or complaining. Others just talk and talk and talk and talk so it begins to sound like a radio in the background, and others simply just shut down and sulk.

However, when you understand the power of your silence, your presence and your inspiration, you can make the impossible possible.

  • Are you spending your life waiting for someone to show up magically to make it right - the perfect man, a decent boss, a baby?
  • Do you fear you've wasted your youth, beauty, and opportunities, or do you feel that you might look back on your life in regret?
  • Do you wish that you looked different, behaved better?
  • Do you struggle to come to terms with choices you made in the past?
  • Do you wish that you felt less tired all the time?
  • In those dark moments of the night do you lie awake and wonder is there more to your life than this?

“Oh no, I'm looking for the father I never had!”

Nicola Heathcote mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professionalDay 8 – The Men in My Life. This is to do with my father really who I've never had a lot of contact with... (continue reading)

He wasn't around when I was a small child. We don't have the greatest of relationships, certainly not a close relationship. I wrote quite a lot for that day...and one thing that stands out on the pages was "Oh no, I'm looking for the father I never had!"

That relates back to relationships I've had in the past and how I've viewed them and how I expected, or wanted, someone to look after me in the way I felt my father never did. So that was huge, and I'd never considered that. I thought, "Well, Dad's dad. That's the way he is." I'd never really thought about it...

There were many other eureka moments...I cannot believe how much I've changed. It's incredible – what I thought about women in the beginning and what I thought about myself. Everything has changed. I'm really blown away by that.

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Nicola Heathcote, mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professional

Insecurities Repeat until You Deal with Them  

Fundamentally, when you’re insecure, you are vulnerable because you have a price. That price is how you compensate and make up for the fact that you’re insecure deep inside. So many relationships, whatever they are, fail. Of course, we always love to blame the other party but in truth the common denominator to all your relationships is you. If you haven't resolved insecurities, traumas, pain and blame from your past relationships, especially with your formative ones, you will create relationships which recreate the same insecurities, traumas, pain and blame again and again. Identify and forgive yourself for these and you'll find that your current relationships improve.

Nearly all of a woman's problems can be traced back to insecurities which now colour her life. Let's get those under the spotlight, heal them and move on. A woman who is secure within herself can achieve whatever she wants.

Embrace Success Because You are a Woman 

There is nothing more magnetic than a woman being who she isThe outcomes of those who experience the Be the Woman 42 Day Course can be astounding.  Imagine being able to truthfully and sincerely say these things:

I feel happier and more relaxed, and so do those around me. When you begin to take positive steps for yourself you become happier and feel less stressed. Then those around you relax and become more open and communicative...

My life is much less stressful and I don't feel so overwhelmed all the time. We as women have a tendency to complicate our lives to fill the emptiness we feel, and that in turn makes it very stressful. Simplifying our life makes it much easier to enjoy...

I have recognised and resolved issues from my past which were upsetting me. If you've felt a victim of something in your past how can you possibly live in the present, let alone create a future for yourself? It can take a lot of courage and support to acknowledge and accept the impact of trauma on our behaviour, and how it affects the choices we make. Be the Woman creates a safe and private environment for you to address these sensitive issues...

“Goodness, it just totally transformed things...”

Mary Poulter, wife, business owner and breeder of Bolognese puppies, based in the UKIt's a whole picture of life. It's such a wonderful unravelling process of life itself, and it does put things in perspective from a very feminine perspective... (continue reading)

Things that you do know that you don't fully understand are pointed out with such clarity and in such an interesting way...

There have been a number of moments, particularly with leaving past traumas behind. That was just so healing, to absolutely face them, talk about them, things that one had perhaps deferred and just got on with life and not really put to bed. That was really a fantastic transformation.

I have really personally enjoyed the yoga and the meditation particularly. The refreshing feelings I've achieved from some of those meditations have been amazing. I've really found those absolutely so useful...

At the present time I am actually re-visiting [the course] and I know I will do it not just once but I will keep it by me and keep it for when I need to. You always learn something new...

It completely changed my life, absolutely...Goodness, it just totally transformed things...I'm just so glad I did it.

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Mary Poulter, wife, business owner and Bolognese puppy breeder

I now set aside time to take care of myself without feeling guilty. We must take care of ourselves, first, if we wish to take care and love those around us...

A woman by nature is beautiful.  When a woman feels beautiful she is beautiful.  When she is beautiful she is a total inspiration.I feel respected and appreciated by my family, friends and all those around me. Through Be the Woman, you gain wisdom, not just from the lessons, but from your experience of successfully applying what you learn to your life. Your confidence and sense of self-worth increases and those around you notice and begin to treat you with respect. When you have this wisdom gained by experience you have a lot to offer those around you, it's not hypothetical advice any more, it's valuable...

My current relationships have become more supportive and I am starting to attract people who inspire me to achieve my dreams. A good friend is bad company. Why? Because a truly good friend does not rely on you to fill the void in his or her life. Real good friends encourage you to excel beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. They dare to tell you the truth when it most hurts because it's what you most need to hear. Instead of killing time at the pub they inspire you to work toward a life of your dreams...

A home is a house which a woman has cast her magic overI eat gorgeous food that nourishes me on all levels. My eating habits are much healthier now, and I no longer have self-destructive cravings. We all know that diets don't work (otherwise why would there be so many diet books?). It isn't just the food that we eat that affects our weight, it's how we feel about ourselves. Improving your diet, self-esteem and self-discipline redresses the scales in your favour...

“It's very empowering for a woman to discover her own tools”

Claudia Duchene, wife, mother, Massachusetts, USAMy observation was as a woman you either have the option of being very much a victim – being in a weak position - or you have to behave like a man. Neither was very appealing to me... (continue reading)

I value this course so much because it counterbalances the effects of our everyday living, our everyday society, and the pressure whether we are women or men have in changing things, doing things different, doing things in a more healthy uplifting way.  And to see that there are a lot of possibilities how we as women can influence the change and can change things for the better.

It's empowering. That's one of the things that sticks out. It's very empowering for a woman to discover her own tools – to discover the assets she has as being born as a woman and how she can influence life, society, her family in a positive uplifting way.

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- Claudia Duchene, wife, mother, Massachusetts, USA

I keep my temper and tears under control. I remain calm in a crisis and know things I can do to calm myself and others. Be the Woman gives you a set of practical skills you can use to remain calm and level headed in a crisis or argument. When we remain calm, we see solutions clearly and speak authoritatively and don't do things we later regret. With these skills you navigate more confidently the unknown and unexpected in life...

I feel graceful and respected when I go out on a date with a man. I don't feel that I have to go back home with him. I am confident, not aggressive, passionate and not slutty.Be the Woman changes your perspective of what you stand for as a woman and builds your own self-esteem...

I've started liking my body as it is and I nurture and take care of it daily. Your body is the vehicle you have been given to see you through to your last day. How you take care of it has a big impact on how smooth and comfortable your life "ride" is. If we nurture ourselves properly, and naturally, we can maintain a youth that no surgery or face cream can ever give. There are so many incredible health and beauty tips in Be the Woman that don't cost anything to apply...

“Oh yes, yes! This all makes perfect sense.”

Anna Knights, Watercolour ArtistThe way Guru Kaur teaches, it makes such perfect sense. You just feel like you are being reminded of what is almost common sense...Although to begin with that was the biggest thing... (continue reading)

[Initially] I know I reacted to even what it was called: ‘Be the Woman You were Born to Be’...I had this kind of reaction that now only 6 weeks, 8 weeks later seems so absurd. But I really did have a view which was not a natural view, It's a a view I had acquired over years. This idea that men and women are equal in the sense of "the same"...Yet as soon as I started listening to the teaching, it was like remembering, ‘Oh yes, yes. This all makes perfect sense. This is how things really are.’

Yeah, it definitely challenged my views but in a way that was like remembering almost, like just going back to a natural understanding of things rather than this kind of overly intellectual, processed way of thinking about it.

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Anna Knights, Watercolour Artist

Truly, if you love yourself and can share that love with others, it moves mountains. I find that immensely inspiring.I enjoy my professional life so much more. Sometimes we do need to ask whether the career we began in the past still suits us as we are today, but more often it's not what we do that makes the difference but the attitude to which we approach it. Often we see life at home and life at work as two separate roles. When we begin to integrate the two into aspects of the single and whole which is you, we begin to act more consistently and authentically in our relationships. This leads to a much more supporting and successful professional and personal life...

I now understand how to build a healthy and happy lifestyle that works for me rather than against me. Often we simply don't know what's best for us, and most of what we read in the newspapers and women's magazines has it's own agenda which is not to help us lead fulfilling lives. There are so few good role models for women today. Be the Woman gives you the knowledge and skills to be heathy and happy without resorting to the latest youth cream, new-age fad or clothing accessory...

A woman’s nature is to nurture, give and create this very sacred environment. I am now achieving what I want, actually what I always wanted but had never dared to dream was possible for me. There is no limit to the prosperity and contentment you can achieve in your life. All that's stopping you is you and your belief in yourself - that is where Be the Woman comes in...

“It's like opening up a wide gate and seeing all the other possibilities where you think there aren't any”

Nicki Trench, mother, author, craft expert, and entrepreneurI kind of thought maybe I was stuck, you know you get a bit stuck in your life. You know you're stuck but you don't know what to do about it... (continue reading)

I think what [Be the Woman] has done is given me a lot to think about and ways of moving out of that.  It's like opening up a wide gate and seeing all the other possibilities there are, where you think there aren't any possibilities...

It's made me look at other people in my life and made me think about them and made me value them more...All the time you listen to Guru Kaur's's just a really good time to be able to reflect and think and so many things she says ring true, ring a bell, in my life and I'm sure in anybody's life. They kind of apply to everybody. It's really good to hear that.

The other thing I really loved particularly about the course. Where I've sort of thought about doing courses before, I'd been put off by the very masculine approach. I just loved the way this was just geared towards the women so it really fit well. It made me feel very unthreatened and it was done in a way that just appealed to me as a woman.

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Nicki Trench, mother, author, craft expert, and entrepreneur

The 42 Day Course: All Aspects of Life as a Woman

Your duty is to be true to yourself, accept yourself and the contribution you bring to the world. Be the Woman Online Course & Community begins with the 42 Day Course.  This online course covers all aspects of a woman's life from health and happiness to role models and relationships. Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • Insights into your past and how that is affecting you right now
  • Practical skills to build and maintain positive, supportive relationships
  • Meditations and simple exercises to overcome stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, aches and pains and greatly improve your health
  • Understanding about the roles women play and how to harness these to create the life you want
  • Techniques to get over hurdles and move your life forward

“...really powerful tools to just relax, properly relax...”

Anna Knights, Watercolour ArtistDoing the course made me realise something I had not fully been aware of – just how much stress I was carrying around... (continue reading)

I used to feel a lot, that until I had controlled X, Y, and Z then I couldn't relax. Whereas...what the course has really given me the tools to do is to realise to relax first and then the other things naturally fall into place and you can cope with them better...

Intellectually, I knew that I needed to go with the flow of life and I needed to be in the present moment and I needed to not resisting the "now" and all this kind of stuff but it's just hard to take that leap into [the] practical...and that's what I felt the course was so brilliant at, was giving you those tools.

There's masses there, there's just so much, and you can just keep returning to it.  That's the beauty of it as well.  I've listened to, particularly, the podcasts, just over and over, loads of them...They're just so dense, they're cram-packed full of material and there's so much to gain from it. It's really great that you can then keep accessing it. You can access it forever more.

Even if you only took something out of 10% of the material then you’d have gained enormously...

# Listen to Anna's Full Testimonial

Anna Knights, Watercolour Artist

Fits Easily Into Your Existing Life

Be the Woman is easy to fit into your life and lifestyle. It requires no travelling and there are no appointments or deadlines. You can take part from anywhere in the world with a computer and an internet connection, including your home and office. You can also download the course audio to your iPod or print the transcripts and take part during your daily commute, while cooking dinner or even while taking a bath. 

Taking the 42 Day Course

The 42 Day Course is hosted in a beautifully designed online app which let's you listen to the audio and video messages and keep a private diary of your answers to questions. There are 42 "days" of lessons grouped into 6 weeks, and while they are called "days" you go at your own pace taking them in whatever timeframe works for you.  There's no pressure, no rush...

The 42 Day Course is a beautifully designed online app which let's you listen to the audio and video messages, answer the "Thoughts for Today" privately, and progress at your own pace...

Daily Audio Postcards on a specific topics.  Each day's lesson begins with a brief audio message (30 seconds to a few minutes) which introduces the theme for the day and presents the "Thoughts for the Day" as a series of questions for you to consider and answer for yourself.

You hear stories and real life examples which provoke, confront, educate and inspire you. You can listen to the audio right on the web page or download it to your iPod, smartphone or other portable music player. There are also written transcripts of all the material if your prefer to read it instead.

Topics on the 42 Day Course Topics

Week One:
Day 1. Introduction
Day 2. The dramas of your life
Day 3. What they see
Day 4. No when it's no
Day 5. Yes when it's yes
Day 6. What do you want
Day 7. Female figures in your life  

(click here to see the rest...)

Week Two:
Day 8. Male figures in your life
Day 9. Traumas
Day 10. Insecurities
Day 11. Rites of passage
Day 12. Health and exercise
Day 13. Food
Day 14. Clothing

Week Three:
Day 15. Role Models
Day 16. Beauty
Day 17. Making things happen
Day 18. Making decisions
Day 19. Sacred circle of women
Day 20. Enjoying life
Day 21. Creativity

Week Four:
Day 22. Dropping the gossip
Day 23. Meditation
Day 24. Making a home
Day 25. Stand by your man
Day 26. Being a mother
Day 27. Healing
Day 28. Purity

Week Five:
Day 29. Forgiveness
Day 30. Sex
Day 31. Devotion
Day 32. Giving to Receive
Day 33. Taking care of yourself
Day 34. Discipline
Day 35. Gratitude

Week Six:
Day 36. Appreciation
Day 37. Containing and expanding
Day 38. A woman's prayer
Day 39. Being divine
Day 40. Relaxation
Day 41. Silence
Day 42. Delivering the Woman You Are

Thoughts for the Day. The Audio Postcard message ends with a set of questions for you to contemplate and answer on your own. These will guide and help you to understand your life better as it is now and how to move it forward toward the life you desire.

Daily Audio Assignment. Each day you also receive a short audio clip introducing you to the day's assignment. These range from simple tasks to meditations that help you incorporate the material into your actual day-to-day living.

There are questions for you to think about your answers to on that day's topic, and also a daily action

Weekly Podcasts. Each week there is a longer audio podcast (about an hour). These are entertaining and highly informative. You will learn many new things about being a woman, nurturing yourself as a woman, and the roles we play as women to ourselves, each other and to society on the whole.

Each week there is a podcast on the general theme for that week

Again, you have the choice to listen directly on the web page or to download the audio or written transcript. This makes it easy to listen on your way to work, while cooking a meal or at any other time that is convenient for you.

Weekly Video Assignment. At the beginning of each week you will also receive a link to a video assignment. These assignments are fun and simple and most importantly effective in helping you incorporate that week's theme into your life.

and there's a video which describes that week's assignment

At your own pace.  When you've completed each lesson, you simple click the box indicating so, and the next lesson will be available to you the following morning, or whenever you next have time.  Some women prefer to do the course in an intensive 42 day period while others have taken 6 months or more, to allow more time to fully digest and integrate each lesson. The choice is entirely yours...

When you complete a lesson, simple tick the box and the next lesson will be available the following morning...

“It was like a sigh of relief...”

Debbie Hall, wife, mother, living willow artist and workshop coordinatorOne of the things I really liked about the course is the way you could fit it into your daily life, whatever that normally was. It was just very easy to manage around the other things you have to your week at a certain time. You don't have to give those things up to take on something like this course... (continue reading)

One [day] I particular remembered was talking about Role Models, so actually looking at who the significant role models were in early life, and for me realising that they were actually very limited. My ideas of what a woman was were based on this tiny, tiny model...

I kept having these realisation all though the day like "Oh yes..." It was like a sigh of relief. It felt very liberating. It explained quite a bit of behaviour since....And there were other things that followed on from it the next few days – because I think it was very well structured in that sense – there were those things that kept popping up and I thought, "oh yes, that also ties back to that one"...

It changed a whole way I had looked at myself. It allowed me to be kinder on myself and feel "yes I understand". I could see a framework on which my patterns of behaviour had been built.

# Listen to Debbie's Full Testimonial

Debbie Hall, wife, mother, living willow artist and workshop coordinator

The Inner Circle:  A Private Facebook For Enlightened Women

The Inner Circle is a private, intimate and vibrant space where we communicate, support and guide each otherThe "Community" part of the Be the Woman Online Course & Community, is a private online place where women who are taking or who have completed the 42 Day Course communicate with each other and with Guru Kaur.  It's a vibrant community where you can exchange thoughts, stories and photos, and discuss a different perspective on issues in the news.  You can watch videos and listen to music from the course and hear special interviews with inspiring women.

Most importantly, it's a place where you find support and guidance from the experiences of other woman who've come together not because they have the same hobbies or share the same career, but because they all desire to live as successful, happy and healthy women.

We call it the Be the Woman Inner Circle...

Overcoming the "Now What?" Feeling: 
Beyond the First 42 Days

Creating and improving your life is an ongoing process. Unlike books and tradition workshops, Be the Woman doesn't abandon you at the end of the course. Through the Inner Circle, our living, vibrant, private online community, you will continue to have a refuge from the difficulties of life - a place where you can always find unbiased guidance and support from someone who wants what's best for you...

Unbiased Guidance and Support to Deal With Real Life Challenges

Topics not just relating to the Be the Woman... Course are often discussed, where unbiased guidance and non-judgemental support is sought, and inspiring stories are sharedMaking changes is not always easy. Through the Inner Circle, you have the support of a network of women whose collective wisdom and life experiences are always there to help you through your challenges.

Unbiased guidance at the click of a button...Plus you'll have direct access to me, Guru Kaur, via the "Ask Button" feature, anytime you have a question or need help understanding or working through the course material - even after the 42 days of the course have completed.

Real Life Situations, Real Life Women...

The Inner Circle is not a place of idle chat and gossip but real life situations being addressed by real life women from a perspective of sharing for a better outcome. Here, the calibre of honesty and integrity which is the backbone of the 42 Day Course continues. Here are a few of the topics members are currently discussing...

Snippets from the news are often posted where they are inspiring and show an interesting and positive approach to being a woman... A Diva Behind Closed Doors
The Cost of Domestic Bliss?
Men, Marriage and Money
The Pornification of Women
What's Your Price?
The Home Work Conflict of Women
(see more topics...)

School Run Tears
How to prepare for a (possible) second caesarean birth?
To be...or not to be...vegetarian
In Love with a Tart
Grey is This Winter's Blues
The Sword of the Tongue and Thump of the Fist
Beware of Emasculating your Man
What A Prince Wants
Portrait Of My Mother
When Testosterone Destroys Value
Growing Old Gracefully
A Blend of Tenderness and Fire
Crying in the supermarket
Marrying Her Father
Does my bum look big in this?
What's a Man's Money Got To Do with IT?
The Husband You Love Is Better Than The Husband You Don't
What Love Isn't
In-Her-It And Her Family Will Be
Because You're Worth It

All the women on the Inner Circle come with the highest intentions for your highest good, they won't say things just to please you and be your new "best friend"Your Privacy, As You Choose

In traditional live courses and group workshops, you are able to receive support and personal guidance but have to sacrifice your privacy and your schedule.  With self-help books, you have privacy but aren't able to ask questions or get help with real life challenges. The Inner Circle gives you the best of both worlds...

You participate as much or as little as you choose, actively joining in conversations or just silently learning from the collective wisdom. You can use your real name and photo, or choose an alias. It's entirely up to you. The network is closed to the public and invisible to Google and other search engines. What you post is for the eyes and ears of the Be the Woman women only. The outcome is a safe and welcoming environment where it's comfortable to share and possible to receive truly unbiased advice from women who have your highest good at heart.

Inner Circle Goodies: Recipes, Yoga Sets, Movie Reviews and More...

You can also listen to the music specially written for Be the Woman... and other inspiring podcastsThe Inner Circle is also a vast collection of resources to inspire your creativity, improve your health and vitality, and to help you just simply relax with a nice cup of cocoa and a good movie.  There is also a growing collection of meditation music, audio guided yoga sets, interviews with inspiring women, and over 150 vegetarian recipes...

“This is really material for a lifetime...”

Claudia Kapp, hospitality professionalI think it's a real benefit to any women because you really get to spend time with yourself and find yourself.  Life becomes clearer to you... (continue reading)

You've got loads of information about yourself about the men in your life, about health, about beauty.  Guru Kaur, she includes everything there is possibly for a woman to know.  This is really material for a lifetime.  Not just for six weeks or forty-two days.

You really get to spend time with yourself and think about yourself, you usually don't do on a daily basis.  You actually think what do you want to get out of your life or what do you want to get out of being a woman and being yourself.  You usually don't do that because you are busy with work or you're busy with other things...

You can really spend time with it whenever you have time.  You don't have a specific time when you have to be there and you have to do it or you have to listen to a person.  You can just listen to it whenever.  For me, most of the time it's in the evening just to unwind from the day.  It's always really calming for me just listening to Guru Kaur even if it's just five minutes....You have it there all the time. It's not like attending a class where you listen to it once and forget about it, or you can't remember what it's all about because it's been too busy the next day.  You can just listen to it again and again.  It's just great.

# Listen to Claudia's Full Testimonial

Claudia Kapp, hospitality professional originally from Germany

The Women of Be the Woman...

The women of Be the Woman come from countries around the world.  Their ages range from college students to retired seniors.  Housewives, lawyers, corporate executives, CEOs, authors, artists, first time mothers and grandmothers have all improved their lives through Be the Woman...

What They Have in Common

Despite these different backgrounds, the women of Be the Woman share one common aspiration. They all desire to live as fully and contentedly and as femininely as possible. Many of the women came to the course because there was some aspect of their lives that wasn't working for them, something that they knew could and should be better.  

“I would recommend it to every single woman on Earth”

Nicola Heathcote mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professionalI think that if this was part of the school syllabus then the world would be a much nicer place – it'd be full of happy women! (continue reading)

It's material I will listen to over and over again because you can't catch it all in the first listening.  There's so many different aspects that you can pick up on that each time you listen to it you hear something different.

It's applicable to any woman at any stage in her life age from any background because the material is so accessible and it's delivered in a language that was easy to understand. What I've gained from it is priceless, absolutely priceless.

# Listen to Nicola's Full Testimonial

Nicola Heathcote, mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professional

Many Women Just Don't Understand
How Much Easier They Can Make their Lives

Many women tend to start out with this I'm an "underdog, victim of circumstance, guilty, or not worth it" type of attitude. Either they overcompensate and if they decide to make something of their lives in their own right they get very attacking, pushy, forceful, or bossy; or they become pathetic and feeble; or they use their sexuality as if it were some cheap currency. That's not very feminine at all... (continue reading)

Fundamentally, when you’re insecure, you are vulnerable because you have a price. That price is how you compensate and make up for the fact that you’re insecure deep inside.If only they would recognise that they have the ability to be attractive, not on a physical level, but in all aspects of their lives they would learn that they can have and be whatever they want. It will come to them. Their beauty is not in their skin or their shape, not in how far up the career ladder they are or how big their house is.

A woman's true beauty is in the relaxed atmosphere that she creates around her where those she touches feel cared for as though they are the only person in the world who matters. She can do that because she is comfortable being who she is.

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