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Anna Knights on Why She Joined Be the Woman

I had had thyroid cancer and I had that diagnosed a year before but I was only just starting to feel better...  I looked at the Mini Course and it just seemed like the timing was so right... I was starting to feel better but I felt like I really needed to begin a new chapter with gusto.  Having listened to the Mini Course stuff, I thought “Yeah, this fits perfectly.  This is just what I need to kick start things and take things into a new positive phase of life.”

Anna Knights about the Benefits of the 42 Day Course

The key thing I’ve benefited through the being given some really powerful tools to just relax, properlyrelax.  Doing the course made me realise something I had not fully been aware of – just how much stress I was carrying around...

I used to feel a lot, that until I had controlled X, Y, and Z then I couldn’t relax.     Whereas I guess what the course has really given me are the tools and to realise to relax first and then the other things naturally fall into place and you can cope with them better...

Intellectually, I knew that I needed to go with the flow of life and I needed to be in the present moment and I needed to stop resisting the “now” and all this kind of stuff but it’s just hard to take that leap into [the] practical...and that’s what I felt the course was so brilliant at, was giving you      those tools.

Anna Knights on How Be the Woman Changed Her Views on Women’s Role

It was like remembering...The way Guru Kaur teaches, it makes such perfect sense.  You just feel like you are being reminded of what it almost common sense - like taking it back to basics, and it just fits perfectly.  Although to begin with that was the biggest thing.

[Initially] I know I reacted to even what it was called:  Be the Woman You were Born to Be....I had this kind of reaction that now only 6 weeks 8 weeks later seems so absurd.  But I really did have a view which was not a natural view,  It’s a a view I had acquired over years.  This idea that men and women are equal in the sense of “the same”...Yet as soon as I started listening to the teaching, it was like remembering “Oh yes, yes.  This all makes perfect sense.  This is how things really are.”

Yeah, it definitely challenged my views but in a way that was like remembering almost, like just going back to a natural understanding of things rather than this kind of overly intellectual, processed way of thinking about it.

Anna Knights on Recommending Be the Woman Online Course & Community to Other Women

Yes.  And I have been doing so - I hope I haven’t sounded like I’ve been hounding friends of mine!  It’s just I can’t see any reason why you would not do it.  Even if you only took something out of 10% of the material then you’d have gained enormously...

There’s masses there, there’s just so much, and you can just keep returning to it.  That’s the beauty of it as well.  I’ve listened to, particularly, the podcasts, just over and over, loads of them...They’re just so dense, they’re cram-packed full of material and there’s so much to gain from it. It’s really great that you can then keep accessing it. You can access it forever more.

Anna Knights on the Inner Circle

It’s great.  It’s so nice to know that you can get in touch with all these other like minded women, whom you feel you can share anything with.  It’s a very open environment.

Anna Knights on the Structure of the 42 Day Course

Because of my pattern of working from home, I would get up and pretty much immediately go and stick the computer on and open up my Audio Postcard and get listening straight away so for me that worked really, really well.

I was glad that right at the end of the course there was some focus on how to embed all this stuff into your life because that was one thing that as we were progressing towards the end of the course I thought “Ooh no, I’m going to really miss this nice structure to the day and this beginning thought for the day from Guru Kaur.”  It was cool.  It worked really well.

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