What Makes a Woman? Mini-Course

A Series of Audio Podcasts Packed with Inspiring Ideas and Practical Tips to Enhance Your Life as a Woman

If you'd to get a feel for the material in the Be the Woman Online Course and Community, these audio podcasts, with Guru Kaur, cover the most critical topics in women lives.  Each episode is about the cost and length of a yoga class and is packed with inspiring advice and simple, practical tips and techniques covering topics such as beauty, clothing, health, relationships, and attracting what you want in life...

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What Does a Relationship Need in a Woman?

What Does a Relationship Need in a Woman?The most popular topic amongst women! What comes up again and again is a variation on this: "What I really want is a *man* in my life". The thing is it's not just the women who are single who're saying it, it's those in relationships as well. What's going on? Simply, most of us are looking for the wrong thing.

Join Guru Kaur as she shares ways for a woman to inspire a man to be manly and for peace to reign in her home.

Includes a one hour audio (MP3) podcast and PDF transcript

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What Makes a Woman A Woman? Complete Series

Pink RoseHow much of a woman are *you*?

It's a very provocative question - one that we as woman are seldom prompted to ask. I was offended the first time someone posed it to me. But then I started thinking...

Fact - if you do not understand the nuances of your mind, body and spirit as a woman and you do not nurture your femininity (and I don't mean wearing pink!) at home and at work, you will never feel the contentment or experience the ease that your life is meant to be.

Join Guru Kaur as she addresses questions about the difficulties of being a woman today and what benefits lie ahead for those of you who dare to Be the Woman You Were Born to Be...

Includes 7 one hour audio (MP3) podcasts each with a written (PDF) transcript

Episode 1: What is a Woman's True Beauty?
Episode 2: How Does a Woman Attract What She Wants?
Episode 3: What Makes a Woman A Woman?
Episode 4: How Does a Woman Build Her Presence?
Episode 5: What Does a Relationship Need in a Woman?
Episode 6: What Your Clothing Reveals
Episdoe 7: What's In It for Me, Being a Woman?

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